Leadership Thresholds Pathway

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Leadership Thresholds Pathway

Leadership Thresholds knows we’ve all been to leadership events, felt the excitement, purchased the books, only to return to the office and add those new books to the stack from previous leadership events. Does this scenario sound familiar? 

This is not that. Leadership Thresholds focuses on developing individuals for lifelong leadership development.

Dr. Robert Clinton studies over 5000 historical, biblical, and contemporary leaders and creates what is known as Leader Emergence Theory that shows how God develops leaders over a lifetime. He leads them through a series of phases in their development. God uses people, events, and life circumstances to shape a leader.

Leadership Thresholds leans into Leader Emergence Theory to develop leaders from the ground up. From the ground up, over time, God shapes leaders, and Thresholds is here to help you see this shaping to encourage emerging leaders to align with God’s purposes for their lives.

Why Thresholds? We are here because God is on the move in your life, and we want to fan into flame the gift of God in you! Consider us your encouragement partner in the ministry! We are not here to give you more information; we are here to help clarify God’s move in your life and have you see that He is already at work shaping you!

Below is our Leadership Development Pathway, comprising three thresholds that every leader must cross to finish well.

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Leadership Development
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