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Encouraging every leader to cross every Threshold!

Bible College In A Day

We are bringing seminary level teaching to you by creating space in your ministry setting for leaders to experience transformative growth. All three Threshold training events will have times of worship, prayer, reflection, and community. 

The initial Leadership Discovery Threshold serves as the cornerstone training event, setting the stage for all subsequent training sessions. These sequential threshold events must be pursued in order for optimal training outcomes. Let’s start well so we can finish well!

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Sample Training Event Content & Schedule

Discovery Threshold

Start Here!

Weekend 9a-3p Schedule:

8:30-9a Coffee Time

9a Worship

9:20a Module 1: Leadership Perspective

10:05a Module 2: Leadership Values

10:50a Module 3: Practicing Greatness

12:00-12:30 Lunch

12:30p-Module 4: Leadership Darkside

1:30p Module 5: Leader’s Core

2:30-3p Module 6: Action Items

Development Threshold

See God work in the “in between” times!

Weekend 9a-3p Schedule:

8:30-9a Coffee Hour

9a Worship

9:20a Module 1: Doing & Being

10:05a Module 2: Differentiation

10:50a Module 3: Major Role

12:00-12:30 Lunch

12:30p-Module 4: Leadership Transitions

1:30p Module 5: Leadership Barriers

2:30-3p Module 6: Action Items

Leadership Development
Leadership Deployment

 Deployment Threshold

Leadership Deployment multiplies what God gives and focuses on finishing well!

Weekend 9a-3p Schedule:

8:30-9a Coffee Hour

9a Worship

9:20a Module 1: Leadership Teams

10:05a Module 2: Convergence

10:50a Module 3: Multiplication

12:00-12:30 Lunch

12:30p-Module 4: Leaving a Legacy

1:30p Module 5: Finishing Well

2:30-3p Module 6: Action Items

Weekend Retreats

Below is an example of how we can adapt the Discovery, Development, and Deployment Thresholds into a weekend retreat model. Each Threshold builds upon the next, so each Threshold needs to be taken sequentially.

“Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” Mk 6:31

  • Onsite & Offsite





    Two Modules at current ministry setting Friday Afternoon  Two Modules Off Site One Hour From Ministry Campus
    Day Retreat Off Site Saturday Four Modules All Modules

Leadership Thresholds Retreats aim to encourage and provide enhanced insights into your personal development and help you discover a deeper understanding of God’s calling on your life.

In moments like these, you learn as much from the people around you as you will learn from the facilitator.

Let’s Connect!

We welcome the opportunity to help you develop leaders who start well, differentiate, and finish well!

Typically, churches schedule a training event on a Saturday, followed by a Sunday service.

Please click the booking link to explore how we can collaborate in advancing leadership development together. If for whatever reason you don’t see an option, then email us and we will get right back with you to discuss other options.