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Leadership Thresholds Attains Nonprofit Status: Empowering Church and Ministry Leadership

We’re thrilled to share exciting news – Leadership Thresholds officially achieves nonprofit status! This significant milestone solidifies our commitment to enhancing leadership with individuals, churches, Bible colleges, and para-church ministries.

Leadership Thresholds is dedicated to encouraging and empowering individuals and ministries on their leadership journey. Our recent nonprofit status is a testament to our dedication to furthering impactful leadership development in the multiple community settings.

Leadership Thresholds presents people to God’s open door by awakening & encouraging leaders to their kingdom contribution. Our leadership pathway is a three-step process where one Discovers their Calling, Develops their Gifting, and Deploys Leaders.

Leadership Thresholds brings a fresh prophetic word when invited to preach. Also, our Threshold Training Events are often described as a “Bible College in a Day”!  We love what we do!

 About Us

About Leadership Thresholds: Leadership Thresholds is a nonprofit organization committed to providing transformative leadership development experiences for individuals, churches, and para-church ministries. Through Thresholds events, Coaching, and collaborative initiatives, Leadership Thresholds aims to help you clarify your calling, sharpen your giftings, and deploy effective leaders who multiply kingdom leaders in their communities and around the world.


As the year concludes, we invite you to support Leadership Thresholds through end-of-the-year giving, one-time contributions, and monthly support. Your generosity will enable us to continue providing high-quality leadership development initiatives, making a lasting impact on leaders within the church.

To support Leadership Thresholds and be part of the leadership evolution, visit our website

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Stay tuned for more updates and join us in this exciting new chapter as we continue empowering leaders and transforming communities!


Rev. David Munley

President, Leadership Thresholds



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